Day 3, gets ugly. Calling in reinforcements!

“Third’s the worst, seconds the same, first’s the best of all the game.” I have learned that when it comes to acclimatizing to a non-habit, the third day is by far the most extreme in my body. It’s my mile 20. Known by runners as “The wall.” A nonsmoker’s system creates all sorts of gnarly … Continue reading

Day 2 of my War on Tobacco, Wounded, but pushing forward!!!


I want you to hold your breath. Now keep holding it. Don’t breath… go as long as you can… feel your heart speed up? Feel your arms begin to tremble… an uneasyness starts to swell and then panic begins to set in. WHOOOSH you gasp for air and suddenly feel relief. Phew! For me it … Continue reading

Emancipation from Tobacco – Day 1


My head sunk deep into warm caress of the the pillow; I wake pleasantly this morning feeling fantastic! I open my eyes and think, “I sure hope it’s a sunny day so I can go out and play in the garden this afternoon!” I sit up, and KABOOM. I feel as though a grenade has … Continue reading