Emancipation from Tobacco – Day 1


My head sunk deep into warm caress of the the pillow; I wake pleasantly this morning feeling fantastic! I open my eyes and think, “I sure hope it’s a sunny day so I can go out and play in the garden this afternoon!”
I sit up, and KABOOM. I feel as though a grenade has exploded within my sinuses. I think to myself,
“Oh hello there my old foe, you’ve returned.”
Yet another one of my migraines has announced its presence with a roar or an air raid. The throbbing pain is spectacular. My eyes are dizzy and my house is shaking. I immediately lay back down, and nudge, (she says shove) my wife, and beg (she say’s Scream) to her to go find the ibuprofen!

The headache

The Headache

I can’t move. The slightest movement sends the pressure in my head in to high-speed overdrive. I’m now playing a game of freeze-tag with my skull. And to make it all better I gotta pee. MEDIC Quick I need a bed pan.
About 20 minutes go by, until the reinforcements arrive (ibuprofen kicks in). I now gain the courage to attempt to meander to the bathroom. Each foot step is a drill in perfect posture. Head held level… like I’m balancing a book in charm school. My back straight like a Marine, but I’m marching like a slug.
Standing is impossibility so, I swallow my machismo pride, and with humiliation I sit down to pee.
Once the headache is to a more manageable state, I turn on the shower full heat (for steam) and fill up the good ole neti pot with warm salt water…
A neti pot is an ancient torture implement designed to irrigate the sinuses. But; with practice its use has become a regular addition to my bathroom routine and has gone from torturous to tolerable.
Up my nostril goes the pot and in my noggin goes the water. Yet out the other nostril instead of warm water pouring forth… comes nothing. I’m completely clogged.
Call the router man! The pipes in my brain are clogged!!!

Neti Pot

Neti Pot

Three attempts later the gunk begins to finally break up and no I won’t spare you the details. Out into sink drips the slimy brown tar compliments of my local global big tobacco company. My head has become a human cigarette filter and it is saturated in brew of snot and tar.
All the time I’m thinking,
You see; when I’m smoking I get the most awesome headaches… but when I’ve quit… no headaches.



After more terribly disgusting bathroom adventures occur… I go to the kitchen cabinet and grab one of the nicotine patches from my last failed attempt at quitting. Plop, on my arm it goes.
Thus Day One –SMOKE FREE begins.

One Response to “Emancipation from Tobacco – Day 1”
  1. Falhalah says:

    SOOOOO Luna how goes the battle. Im a wondering ya see when dad had his heartattack in 2000 his cardiologist said and you are NOW a Non -Smoker tough ona pack a day smoker. He quit right then and there. But it is hard addiction to beat. Glad someone hasnt told me I have to stop playing MMo’s Id be totally devistated and zId panic and get all anxious and…. yeah I am addicted but they havent caught on yet LOL Good Luck keep trying.

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