My Mobile Strawberries

Last year we began strawberry plants in the Topsy Turvey Upside Down hanging strawberry basket. We had dreams and aspirations of oodles of strawberries hanging next to our door. In reality they did not do well in it. We harvested one strawberry, and only a few plants survived through the year.

The Strawberry Bag of Doom

The replacement strawberry plants have been sitting in flats for a week. I had been dreading attempting to knife out the old dead plants and somehow insert the new ones into the compressed soil in the bag. After my difficulties last week with the Topsy Turvy upside down tomato planter, i couldn’t convince myself to sacrifice another batch to strawberry plants in the hanging bag of doom. After looking at strawberry planter prices, I decided against throwing more money into luxurious plant habitats. So’ I wasn’t sure what to do with all these plants.

A couple of years ago, I found and old ammunition crate and I bought it for a buck. It used to store bullets, then it stored my tools, but now it is the new home of our strawberries. I’m calling it my “mobile strawberry box” because at a moments notice, (in the event of major calamity) with its two handles; I can pick them up and relocate them to anywhere I want. When the apocalypse comes i will be ready, I will be happily surviving on strawberries… at least for a few minutes.



5 Responses to “My Mobile Strawberries”
  1. Little Sis says:

    “hanging bag of doom”… nice one. And cool solution. Hope your strawberry season is bountiful!

  2. whispit says:

    lol a few minutes

  3. Falhalah says:

    Nothing better then home grown strawberries Yum. Good luck guys and nice solution. yeah those topsy turby thing seem like such a great idea but I have yet to hear of sucess story from teh average joe.

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