For rent: Luxury Penthouse (worms only) No humans!

If your a worm, we do believe this may be one of the nicest places in the area to loiter. This space is currently unlisted so you must act soon!

Amenities  include:

  • Dirt cheap. Willing to trade services for rent.
  • Guarded closed community.
  • Lots of friendly neighbors for cuddling.
  • All the food you can eat.
  • Climate Controlled with all utilities included.

See below for details on how your penthouse is furnished:

Comfortable Base Layer with Plenty of Reading Material

On the first and bottom layer only, we provided a single sheet of newspaper to prevent falls. As red wrigglers are notoriously climate conscientiousness, we chose a nice article about a hybrid vehicle for your reading pleasure.

Base Layer

Base Layer

Tropical Imported Coconut Bedding

As the basis of your bedding, we have added the fluffiest shredded coconut husk. 3 whole handfuls! It is a nice earthy brown, retains and wicks moisture nicely, and is VOC Free!

Coconut Husk

Plenty of Aeration!

In your bedding we have also taken every care to ensure that you have plenty of aeration this includes a 3 handfuls of newsprint:
Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper

As well as 1 full cup of beautiful volcanic pumice stonework:


Our interior decorator mixed these into a beautiful combination that I’m sure you will find to your liking:
Mix It Up

Mix It Up

Humidity Control

We know that you take your humidity needs very seriously. So we brought in the the finest building inspector to ensure that just the right amount of pure water was added to your bedding. She performed multiple Squeeze Tests throughout the building process to make certain the humidity is safe and comfortable. When squeezed very tightly your bedding produces about 1 droplet of water. Similar to the texture of a wrung out kitchen sponge. Moist, but never wet.
The Squeeze Test

The Squeeze Test

The Bed Room

With the utmost of care your bedding media was carefully spread across the tray surface. It ended up being about 1.5 inches thick and very fluffy. Here is a photo of the Bed Room.
Worm Bed

Worm Bed

Working hard in the Cafeteria for YOU!

To get the menu started, our cooks worked hard for you. They shredded up 3 handfuls of some delicious rotten cabbage. It was shredded into very small peices to aid in digestion and get you off to a good start. Please note that to save on food costs we do use expired and even moldy products in our worm kitchen. This is a vegan worm bin so do not expect any meats or dairies to be provided. However we will provide crushed eggshells.

You've made worms meat of me.

You’ve made worms meat of me.

The Dining Room

We placed your delicious cabbage in the corners of the tray. This will allow our medical staff to check in from time to time to make sure that you are happy in your new home, moving around, and having a good time. (Note that this is only done on the first feeding and future feedings may be scattered about all over the place)
Food in the Corners

Food in the Corners

Pest Control

Fruit flies will not be an issue. Our landscaper took some of the finest compost and covered the food to deter any unwanted guests.
Covered Food

Compost Covered Food

Meet your Neighbors

Spots in this community are going faster than we expected. We currently have 1000 happy tenants who moved here from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. They arrived healthy  in a nice breathable bag. But were very happy to leave the cramped quarters and move in to our spacious living accommodations.
Bag O Worms

Bag O Worms

Here is a photo of the day they moved in.
Legal Disclaimer the cat in the photo was assisting during construction. Do rest assured that he has been instructed that he is not under any circumstances allowed to enter your habitat. Should you choose to exit the habitat, we assume no liability should you be eaten.
Add Worms but Not Cat

Add Worms but Not Cat

Here is another photo of some of your friendly neighbors:
Red Wrigglers

Red Wrigglers

Excellent Roofing

We know how much you hate the light so we met the latest double-roofing building requirements.
As a first layer, wet newspaper was placed on top. This will to provides ample privacy and additional protection from any unwanted  fruit flies.
Wet Paper On Top

Wet Paper On Top

The second layer is water proof top.
To ensure your caretakers make no mistakes, instructions are are even printed on top.
Idiot Proof Lid

Idiot Proof Lid

In conclusion

We are confident that our habitat will provide you the finest living accommodations around. For inquiries, please comment below. Although serious inquiries may be considered, humorous ones are preferred.
The Worm Penthouse

The Worm Penthouse

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